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Word Mark Grid
The word mark is the most important symbol of Eunsung Industrial Co., Ltd. Therefore, it is required to control its use strictly to maintain the image consistently, and the image must not be damaged by arbitrarily drawn word mark. Therefore, the word mark shall be drawn with the following grid or the CD-ROM data.
Meaning of the symbol
The symbol is designed in blue and green to highlight the reliability of Eunsung Industrial Co., Ltd. The company renewed the old logo made with E and S with the modernistic font to give the customers with a friendly image.
The basic signature shall be used in principle, but the following variations may be used appropriately according to characteristics of the medium.
Colors Usage
In order to accurately express the CI, the accurate color shall be used according to the following rules.

Basic image - The basic colors shall be used referentially for all types of medium, and spot color printing or 4-color printing can be used for printed media.

Solid-color image - Gold color, silver color, foiled or pressed image can be used.